Meet the team

We're a small team that loves what we do, and who we do it with.

Every single person on the team is committed to helping our clients maximise business value and achieve a successful exit.


Simon Bedard

Founder and CEO

Simon has over 20 years’ experience in the finance, investment, energy and technology sectors. His experience includes working for one of Australia’s largest banks, as an investment advisor to high net worth clients and private companies, in their Institutional Banking and Global Markets division. As an entrepreneur, Simon has started, bought and exited companies.

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Shanti Bedard

Marketing Director

Shanti has over 20 years’ experience in marketing and operations within the financial services sector, and management consulting in the private and government sphere. Over her career Shanti has enjoyed working with clients and businesses in over 19 countries, from multinationals with large global footprints, to government organisations and SME's.

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Mark Levitt

Principal Advisor

Mark is a Chartered Accountant with over thirty years of financial and commercial experience. He has worked across a diverse range of industries and organisations, from the Big Four accounting firms to the Big Four banks. Mark has also had experience across funds management, financial services, manufacturing, distribution and hospitality.

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Brent McDonald

Business Broker & Advisor

Brent has over 30 years’ experience both as an entrepreneur that has built and exited his own company, and in senior management roles across a number of Australia’s largest business sectors, including Petroleum, Financial Services and Business Services.

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Cheska Mikaela Kabiling

Senior Operations Manager

Cheska is a marketing and operations professional, and has 8 years of experience working across a number of industries including real estate, broadcast media and outsourcing prior to joining Exit Advisory Group. She has a comprehensive understanding of marketing strategies, channels and tools, as well as business systems and process development.

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Anita Axe

Community Engagement Manager

With 10+ years’ experience in management, marketing communications and administration, Anita is well suited to her role as Community Engagement Manager. Anita shares the passion and values of Exit Advisory Group as we work with clients to achieve successful outcomes in business sales, maximising company value and exit planning. A key priority for Anita is managing our communications across various platforms ensuring our key messages are shared directly to our community with care and commitment. Having previously worked for a company that went through a business exit, Anita is in a unique position to understand the demands and challenges business owners face.


Manolo Labor

Senior Researcher & Technical Writer

With 10+ years of experience in the field of research and technical writing, Manolo is well suited to his role at Exit Advisory Group. His experience includes working for companies in the private and government sphere. He has spent significant time providing consulting, research, and writing services to organisations across a diverse range of industries such as Oil & Energy, Automotive, and Mining. Manolo’s role at Exit Advisory Group revolves around doing market research activities, and developing various industry reports, white papers, as well as sales and marketing materials.


Charlayne Aquino

Marketing Assistant

Charlayne brings 3 years of digital marketing and administration experience to the team. Before joining Exit Advisory Group, she has worked in the outsourcing industry where she was able to hone her skills in content research, social media and email marketing. Charlayne assists the team in the execution of the marketing strategy and supports the company with lead generation activities.


Christian Joshua Abarquez

Operations Assistant

Christian is our proactive and detail-oriented operations assistant. He has extensive experience in bookkeeping and documentation, and has brought those skills to Exit Advisory Group. Christian assists the company with the execution of our marketing strategy focusing on lead generation activities, data mining, and CRM management. Christian also works closely with the executive team and ensures administration activities are handled with skill and efficiency.

We Believe...

We believe that entrepreneurs are the ones that truly change the world.

We believe that business owners should be rewarded for making a difference, and the sacrifice they make on their journey.

We were not born to business.

We were born to live life.

Our business should be the vehicle to help us achieve what we want in life.

Our Core Values

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Doing your best work upfront - collaborating with others to find the best solutions - persevering through challenges to deliver the best outcomes.


Diversity, Humility, Acceptance. We are all different, and diversity is a strength.


People achieve their best when they can be themselves, and they feel happy and safe in their environment. We want to create an environment of warmth and belonging. Work/Life balance is a misnomer. We want to love what we do, and integrate work and life. We don't have to wear different masks.


We do the right things right.


Make the complex simple, and the simple compelling.


The willingness to be generous upfront and take a chance on others. Trust that by acting in this way, we will attract like minded people that are a pleasure to work with.