Watch the Webinar – Nailing the Strategy of Growth through Acquisition


Watch the webinar replay of our CEO Simon Bedard who joined Joanna Oakey (Aspect Legal) and Nick Wormald (Grow Capital) to delve deeper into the strategy of growth through acquisition.

Some quick highlights from the webinar:

  • How to decide to buy versus build
  • What factors cause failure rates for acquisition and how to avoid them
  • Understanding the type of acquisition & how it impacts strategy
  • How to identify acquirers through market mapping
  • How to approach funding for an acquisition
  • Why funding gets delayed
  • Misconceptions for obtaining funding
  • Types of finance
  • Who do you need in your deal team
  • What are the methodologies to value a business

Click on the image to watch the webinar replay or access it  >>Webinar Replay<<

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If you found this article of value, we share more tips and insights on our newsletter. Click here to subcribe.


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