Breaking Up With Your Business Partner?

(And other tricky scenarios in business)

When partners fall out, things can get messy.

A small disagreement can spiral downward fast, and next thing you know all communication has broken down, the business suffers, and you find yourself unbelievably stressed trying to figure out how to part ways.

But it's not always about disagreements - sometimes unexpected things happen in life, like accidents, sickness or death.  

There are lots of prickly situations business owners can find themselves in...we’ve seen them all!

So how do you protect yourself before things go pear shaped?


THUR, 29 APRIL 2021 

12PM - 1PM

Syd Time

In this webinar Joanna Oakey, Nick Fanto and Simon Bedard are joining forces to talk worst case scenarios in business and how to protect yourself...

Your Hosts:

Director & Insurance Specialist


Orbital Advisory

Specialist Insurance Adviser, helping businesses implement appropriate protection strategies using Key Person and Buy Sell insurance.

Managing Director


Aspect Legal

Commercial lawyer and host of Australia's top M&A legal podcast (The Deal Room), helping SMEs get the right legal foundations.

Managing Director


Exit Advisory Group

Business growth and exit specialist, helping business owners maximise the value of their company. 

When you build a business you invest time, money and energy to get it where you want it to be - but sometimes, along the way, life throws curve balls. 

Believe us...we've seen almost every scenario you can imagine!

What If...

You can't exit your business because your other shareholders don't agree and you have no mechanism to allow for this.

You pass away, and your spouse or kids become shareholders in a business they have no idea about. And worse, they can't access the capital tied up in the business to move on with their lives.

You fall out with your business partners and it starts impacting your business. How do you protect yourself and your investment?

The reality is that you can, and should, plan for the unexpected.

But very few people do this properly because no one likes to talk about these things when all is going well.

This webinar is for you if you are…

  • About to invest in or buy a business
  • About to go into business with others (or have recently done this)
  • Already in business with others and there are issues on the horizon
  • In business now, it's growing fast, and you want to make sure your investment is protected

Perhaps you've wondered...

What would happen if my business partner died or became disabled? And who would own their shares? 

My business partner is critical to driving revenue in the company - how would we operate if they got sick and couldn't work?

How would I fund the buy out of someone's shares in my business?

I'm purchasing/investing in a business, how do I protect this?

We're taking out a business loan. How do I insure against the risks involved?

What happens if my business partner no longer wants to be part of the business? 

I'm looking to join a company as a director, how do I protect myself financially?

We're looking to acquire/merge with another business. What should we be considering?

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