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How to Convert Business Value into Financial Freedom

Your business is a vehicle to create the life you want...the life you deserve.

Stop sacrificing your soul. 

Discover the strategies to build a business that's valuable, and not dependent on you.

Learn how to extract value from your business, create personal wealth, and achieve the ultimate freedom.

oct 26 2021


What we will cover:

Getting clear on the formula for building a business that you can sell
The key drivers that have been proven to increase the value of your business
How to exit the way you want, with the value you deserve, and transition into a life of satisfaction and significance
How to build wealth and passive income, and achieve financial freedom
How to develop a proper exit plan

Your Hosts

founder & CEO


Exit Advisory Group

Business growth and exit specialist, helping business owners maximise the value of their company

Salena Kulkarni



Freedom Warrior Mastermind

Wealth strategist, helping business owners catapult their wealth and achieve financial freedom

This webinar is for you if you are a business owner who wants to…

  • Know what your company is worth
  • Sell your company (now or in the future) and maximise the valuation
  • Know how to create an exit plan and what options are available to you
  • Build predictable, sustainable income outside your business
  • Prepare for a wealthy retirement and create more freedom in your life

Have You Wondered?

  • Will I be able to sell my company so I can retire and spend more time with the family?
  • Will I get the valuation I want for my business to fund my retirement or next venture?
  • Diversification – what does it really mean?
  • Can I build my business so it continues to generate income without me at the helm, so I can finally focus on lifestyle?
  • What are the key metrics for financial success?
  • How can I build wealth that will last 100 years?

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Exit Advisory Group

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If you are looking at the next step for your business – whether it’s to sell your business, acquire another company, scale, or get an investor on board, Exit Advisory Group will help you get clear on your end game and build a strategy to get there.

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Is a Mastermind designed to help business owners catapult their wealth and build a high 6-figure income in 18m to 5 years.

It is focused on helping people prepare for a wealthy retirement, create more freedom in their lives, and reduce their financial burdens.