From an Initial $3M Offer to Closing a Strategic Deal at $15.5M


Exit Advisory Group led a strategic sale for a software provider in the motor vehicle industry. The company was known for its innovative dealership support systems for nearly four decades. Our targeted approach attracted significant interest and a competitive pool of high-quality buyers, ultimately facilitating a $15.5M exit.

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the situation

Our client has been a leading player in Australia's automotive software sector. Over the years, they had numerous acquisition proposals that did not meet their financial expectations including an offer of $3M.

The client recognised that these ad hoc approaches had proved inconsistent and lacked the structure and process that was going to get them the right outcome. The client engaged Exit Advisory Group to run a robust process and manage the transaction.


After an initial assessment, Exit Advisory Group was confident of achieving a valuation above the current market expectations. We developed a targeted approach and attracted a competitive pool of buyers. Through this process, Exit Advisory Group identified an opportunity with a leading wholesaler in the second-hand car industry.

By aligning our client's software offerings and growth trajectory with the strategic buyer's needs, we were able to secure an acquisition valued at $15.5 million. This was a remarkable 5X increase from the initial offer of $3 million by a previous prospective buyer. Our tailored approach and in-depth market knowledge were crucial in securing a better deal.

This success not only highlights the potential of our client but also showcases the value creation and strong strategic advice Exit Advisory Group provides. As Trusted Advisors, we are committed to strategically positioning our clients for success and achieving exceptional results.

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From the beginning of this project’s campaign launch, there were multiple interested buyers. While multiple parties expressed interest, financial buyers didn't match the valuation potential of a strategic buyer. The strategic buyer emerged as the ideal fit due to their extensive experience in the relevant industry, aligning seamlessly with the software's offerings. The resulting deal, valued at $15.5 million, is expected to yield substantial returns through synergies within a short timeframe—a mutually beneficial outcome.


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