Famous or Rich? Pick one.

If your goal is to build a highly successful company you could be on a path to fame and fortune, but more often, one comes at the expense of the other.

While many business owners chase growth and the notoriety that comes with it – there is a group of highly successful entrepreneurs walking to a different beat. 

They are a small but growing cohort who have become remarkably rich by building their small businesses - without great stardom. Instead, they've chosen wealth creation and business decisions that led to life-changing outcomes.

They built valuable companies that gave them freedom. They are called Value Builders, and this is their story. 

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What you'll discover

  • Differentiating the Famous vs Rich mindset
  • The simple strategy behind one founder’s $87 million exit
  • Why cross-selling to your existing customers can be a mistake
  • How one founder received an acquisition offer of $35 million just two years after starting his company
  • A strategic move that has brought one company from three times EBITDA to more than 13 times in just two years.
  • How the 10/40 rule can jack up your take from the sale of your business
  • Three simple ways one founder hung on to almost all of his equity leading up to a $165 million exit

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John Warrillow Value Builder System Author

About The Author

John Warrilow is the author of the bestselling book, Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You.

He’s also written The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry and most recently The Art of Selling Your Business. He's the founder of the Value Builder System which has a community of certified advisors that have helped over 55,000 businesses improve value.

Exit Advisory Group has been working with John and his team since 2017. We are a certified Value Builder organisation and part of a community of global advisors that are the world’s leading thinkers in the area of building company value.

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