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Our State of the Market Series

September 2024

Join us for the next 'State of the Market' event in September as we continue to bring together expert speakers to decode market changes, share economic updates, and provide strategic advice tailored for SMEs.

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Our Most Attended Live Webinars

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Business Valuation Multiples: How to Know What Your Company is Worth?

Webinar | 2024

How to Boost Your Multiple and Sell Your Business at the Highest Price

If you want to know how to maximise the value of your business – and how much you can potentially sell your business for, start by understanding your multiples and how to boost them.

Webinar | 2023

What's My Business Worth?

Get the full picture on valuations and discover your strengths, your unique edge, and what areas to improve in your business.

Webinar | 2023

How to Get My Business Ready to Sell?

Discover the the tools and strategies you need to maximise your sale price and navigate the selling process effectively.

What Past Attendees Say

Andre Alphonso


I came here not knowing what I was getting and I've walked away with a lot of questions answered. There are 4 things I took from the discussion around exit strategies for small businesses; (1) clarity; (2) communication; (3) commercial reality as opposed to commercial un-reality; (4) courage to make the changes.

Patrick Sargent


Getting the business ready to sell and maximising the value of the business—I found that to be a useful information.

I would recommend it to people who would like to learn about exiting their business and understand what drives value to their business and how to maximise it.

Simon Fontane


It's really a journey to exit a business and there's a lot of preparation that's required like any sort of major events in one's life. You need to prepare for it and have a plan. I would recommend it to business owners who are looking at exiting their business or if they're considering sort of alternatives to an exit.

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