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Immerse yourself in our insightful webinars and expert panels with topics ranging from business sales, valuations, market trends and more – all designed to steer your business towards success. 

Our State of the Market Series

June 2024

Join us for the next 'State of the Market' event in June 2024 as we continue to bring together expert speakers to decode market changes, share economic updates, and provide strategic advice tailored for SMEs.

With 600+ registrations from our previous event, don't miss your chance to gain valuable insights from industry leaders. New guest speakers will offer fresh perspectives and opportunities for growth. Register now!

Our Most Attended Live Webinars

Interested in these topics? Register your interest for our upcoming webinars and we'll let you know when we run these again. 

Webinar | 2023

What's My Business Worth?

Get the full picture on valuations and discover your strengths, your unique edge, and what areas to improve in your business.

Webinar | 2023

How to Get My Business Ready to Sell?

Discover the the tools and strategies you need to maximise your sale price and navigate the selling process effectively.

Webinar | 2023

The Key Steps to Success Planning

Whether you are in the process of acquiring, growing your business, or looking to exit one day, succession planning is critical.

What Past Attendees Say

Andre Alphonso


I came here not knowing what I was getting and I've walked away with a lot of questions answered. There are 4 things I took from the discussion around exit strategies for small businesses; (1) clarity; (2) communication; (3) commercial reality as opposed to commercial un-reality; (4) courage to make the changes.

Patrick Sargent


Getting the business ready to sell and maximising the value of the business—I found that to be a useful information.

I would recommend it to people who would like to learn about exiting their business and understand what drives value to their business and how to maximise it.

Simon Fontane


It's really a journey to exit a business and there's a lot of preparation that's required like any sort of major events in one's life. You need to prepare for it and have a plan. I would recommend it to business owners who are looking at exiting their business or if they're considering sort of alternatives to an exit.

The Buy Grow Sell Summit

The Buy Grow Sell Summits have been powerful events for SMEs interested in acquiring, scaling and exiting businesses! Hosted by Exit Advisory Group and Aspect Legal, the last 2 Summits gave business owners access to over 30+ experts, including Mark Bouris AM, and Janine Allis. Practical insights, panel discussions and live Q&A helped attendees navigate the dynamic SME landscape. Replays available – click below.

Buy Grow Sell Summit 2023

Hosted by Exit Advisory Group, the Buy Grow Sell Summit 2023 was led by industry experts who shared their first-hand experiences and insights on how to scale their business. Every session was designed to be practical to help business owners make decisions about preparing their business for their next steps including acquiring, scaling and planning for exit.

Event highlights:

  • Power-packed 2-day event filled with valuable tips and insights for business owners
  • Attended by 600+ entrepreneurs and business owners across Australia
  • Joined by 20+ partners and high profile speakers
  • 94% satisfactory rating from past attendees
  • 100% profit went to a non-profit organisation, Kiva, supporting business owners in less developed countries

Buy Grow Sell Summit 2022

The Buy Grow Sell Summit 2022 was a 3-day virtual summit featuring influential Australian business experts who shared practical tips and insights on business acquisitions, growth, and exit strategies tailored to professional services firms.

Event highlights:

  • Attended by 400+ business owners from various industries
  • Joined by 25 business experts from both Australia and around the globe
  • Powered by over 20 event partners and sponsors
  • 74% attendeed with the goal of increasing their company value
  • 9 out 10 NPS rating from past attendees
  • 100% profit went to B1G1: Business For Good, a non-profit organisation

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