Nailing Growth through Acquisition

What You Need to Know to Get a Deal Done

Thinking of buying a business? Find out why this webinar is for you!

Joanna Oakey Aspect Legal
Nick Wormald Grow Capital

Your Hosts:

Joanna Oakey

Managing Director, Aspect Legal

Commercial lawyer and host of Australia's top M&A legal podcast, The Deal Room

Nick Wormald

Managing Director, Grow Capital

Matching business, Investors & Individuals with the Finance Solutions to Grow.

Simon Bedard

Managing Director, Exit Advisory Group

Helping business owners maximise the value of their company. 

Webinar Date:


October 14, 2020

Sydney 12pm - 1pm

If you have been thinking about buying a business, whether it's a brand new venture or a bolt-on to an existing business, this webinar is for you!

It's time to arm yourself with insider information, and understand what you need to know to get a deal done. More and more people are recognising the significant opportunities of mergers and acquisitions. It's a pathway for accelerated growth. However, few people have the right intel to navigate the path forward.

In this webinar, Joanna Oakey from the commercial legal firm Aspect Legal and host of the Australia’s top M&A legal podcast, The Deal Room joins with Simon Bedard, Founder and CEO of Exit Advisory, and Nick Wormald, the Managing Director of Grow Capital.

The team are together again to dive into the nuts and bolts of a transaction - giving you the inside word on what you need to know to nail an acquisition.

What you’ll discover on this webinar:

  • Different ways to structure a deal.
  • Essential documents in a transaction.
  • Due Diligence - What you need to know.
  • Completing a transaction and setting yourself up for success.

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Places on the live webinar are limited! Reserve your seat now and join us live for the webinar that will change the way you think about business acquisition...

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Many SMEs spend years (or decades) trudging the path of the slow slog of organic growth, without understanding the powerful opportunities available from a merger or acquisition – that can deliver years of growth in a single signature. Getting your Acquisition Strategy right is the first piece of the puzzle. In this webinar Joanna, Simon and Nick discuss:

  • Why business acquisition is a strategy that SME's should consider, it's not just for the big end of town.
  • Current trends and market factors that are impacting business acquisitions.
  • How to navigate the challenges, drive your acquisition strategy forward, and who you can look to for help.

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Aspect Legal

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They are deal makers with a passion for business, who have worked with hundreds of businesses in merging, acquiring and exiting – using  their 5 step methodology to drive transaction success.

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Grow Capital

Partners with Australian businesses, to facilitate strong and sustainable growth. Business growth requires many factors for it to succeed, and cash-flow is top of the list.

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If you are looking at the next step for your business - whether it's to sell your business, acquire another business, scale, get an investor on board or hand over to management so you can step out of the day to day. Exit Advisory Group will help you get clear on your end game and build a strategy to get there.