Energy360 Successfully Acquired by AGL—One of Australia’s Largest Energy Providers 


Energy360, a biogas systems provider in Australia, was acquired by AGL. The joint venture aligned with AGL's strategy to cater for the growing demand in the bioenergy industry. This acquisition was positioned to enhance AGL's sustainable business solutions and contribute to a zero-carbon future.

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the situation

Energy360, an Australian provider of biogas solutions, faced a challenge common in the world of large infrastructure projects: the need for substantial financial resources to bring potential projects to fruition. Despite having a strong pipeline of opportunities, their growth was stifled by their capital constraints.

Recognising the importance of not just financial support but also expertise in executing these large-scale projects, Energy360 decided to seek a partner equipped with the necessary balance sheet strength, capital, and know-how. This strategic move would also enable them to tap into their full potential and drive growth by successfully implementing their pipeline of work. Energy360 turned to Exit Advisory Group for expert M&A advisory services.


Exit Advisory Group focused on finding a suitable acquirer that would not only provide the financial backbone but also contribute to the successful execution of their extensive project pipeline. AGL, with its interest in expanding its renewable energy portfolio, emerged as an ideal candidate.

Both AGL and Energy360 shared a common goal of making a significant impact in the biogas field. With the bioenergy industry rapidly expanding and projected to grow significantly in Australia over the next decade, this strategic acquisition represented a forward-thinking move for AGL.

With Exit Advisory Group steering the negotiations, this partnership was not only a leap forward for AGL and Energy360 but a positive move for the renewable energy sector in Australia. Finalising this deal, Exit Advisory Group is proud to have played a pivotal role in supporting Australia's journey towards its net zero goals, marking a significant step towards sustainable energy innovation and leadership. This collaboration between AGL and Energy360 opens new pathways for eco-friendly energy solutions, contributing to a greener future.

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We would like to thank the team at Exit Advisory Group, in particular Mark Levitt and Simon Bedard for helping us navigate this transaction and achieve a successful outcome for all parties. We couldn’t have done it without the Exit Advisory Group team.


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