CASE STUDY | RENEWABLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS’s Acquisition by Bentley Acceleration Initiatives Takes Environmental IoT to the Global Stage 

OVERVIEW appointed Exit Advisory Group to manage the sale of their growing IoT platform. After receiving offers from potential buyers that did not meet their goals, they sought our expertise to conduct a robust process. Our focus on the needs of stakeholders led to a successful sale that was completed within nine months of engagement.

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the situation, a top performer in the field of water and environmental monitoring, was facing the challenge of selling its rapidly growing IoT platform. With numerous interested parties approaching them, realised the need for professional guidance and expertise to ensure a successful sale.

Aware of the time-consuming and often unfruitful nature of such discussions, the company made the decision to appoint an advisor to conduct a thorough and efficient sales process. After careful research, they chose Exit Advisory Group to lead and support them throughout the negotiations.

With the aim of becoming the global benchmark for remote monitoring and control, sought to expand their cloud based environmental IoT platform into international markets. With multiple shareholders involved, it was crucial to understand and address their individual perspectives.


Exit Advisory Group recognised the importance of tailoring the business sales process to meet the diverse needs of the shareholders. Through thorough analysis, Exit Advisory Group was able to define a solution that would satisfy all key parties.

To find the right buyer for, it was crucial to consider the needs of both the buyer and the seller. Exit Advisory Group recognised this challenge and successfully attracted interest from various global players. This led to the successful negotiation of a deal that met both parties' expectations in terms of valuation and terms.

Within just nine months of engagement, Exit Advisory Group facilitated’s acquisition with Bentley Acceleration Initiatives, the strategic investment fund and incubator initiative of Bentley Systems, a NASDAQ listed company.

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The successful partnership between Exit Advisory Group and delivered an outcome that we were really pleased with. We found the team at Exit Advisory Group to be professional and demonstrate value throughout the process.



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