Facilitating Future Success: Exit Advisory Group’s Role in Brooks Australia's Strategic Acquisition


Brooks Australia, a leading supplier of fire detection products to the residential and commercial sectors in Australia and New Zealand, was acquired by Ei Electronics. Exit Advisory Group served as the lead business advisor for this successful sale, providing a valuation report, strategic advisory services and facilitating the transaction.

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the situation

After running a successful family business for 43 years, the owners, now in their second generation, faced two main issues. They were looking for a change due to evolving personal and family interests, which made them consider selling the business. Additionally, while the business was doing well, taking it to the next level would require more money, time, and effort than the family was willing to invest. They felt that a new owner, with more financial resources, would be better suited to expand the business and take it to its full potential.  

The family reached out to Exit Advisory Group to help manage the sale, aiming to find a buyer who was ready to take on the expansion and had the necessary funds to do so. They wanted a smooth transition that respected their legacy while ensuring the business could grow under new ownership. 


Initially appointed by Brooks to conduct a valuation report, Exit Advisory Group’s partnership with the company evolved into a 5-year engagement.

After completing the valuation, our advisors made recommendations to enhance the company's worth. By implementing these recommendations, Brooks was able to continue growing and increasing its value. With the help of Exit Advisory Group, Brooks Australia secured an offer that exceeded initial estimates by almost 45%. As a result, the company was successfully sold to Ei Electronic just 10 months after officially initiating the business sales process.

This acquisition opened doors for even more growth and expansion for Brooks, its dedicated team, loyal customers, and the renowned Brooks brand. The company plans to expand into the next generation of cloud-based offerings in the future.

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This is a very positive development for Brooks and in many ways a natural evolution for us. Down through the years Ei has delivered best in class European-manufactured product. We in turn have built a first-class sales and distribution network in this region, backed up by an experienced team. I’m confident that this signals the beginning of a new phase of successful growth for Brooks.



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