A Successful Acquisition of an Electrical Infrastructure Company


Exit Advisory Group facilitated a swift and successful business sale for our client achieving deal closure in just over 90 days. Our collaborative approach and extensive buyer database generated widespread interest, resulting in a competitive sale process.

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the situation

After being approached by a potential buyer, our client aimed to secure the best possible outcome and valuation for their business. They turned to Exit Advisory Group for help, acting on a recommendation from an existing, satisfied client.


Our client was looking to divest their business. Through our engagement, we guided them through a strategic acquisition with a publicly listed company operating within the same industry.

Our team facilitated a seamless sale process, beginning with an in-depth market readiness plan and crafting a compelling Information Memorandum. Using our network and buyer database, we were able to attract a wide range of industry buyers. Through a collaborative effort, we identified target acquirers and launched an outreach campaign that led to a deal closure in just over 90 days.

Throughout the process, our client had the support of a dedicated advisor, a project manager, and our M&A support team. Our commitment to ensuring their success and providing the expertise and resources required helped our client achieve their goals and get the exit they deserved.

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The business sales process moved very quickly as the conditions were ideal with the right corporate buyer and a motivated seller. It was an exceptional opportunity with numerous synergies between the two parties. The sale will ensure the business continues for a long time into the future.



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