The Strategic Sale of an Australian Energy Business


Exit Advisory Group guided the sale of a dynamic and rapidly growing Australian Energy Efficiency Specialist. This company has delivered innovative energy solutions to large energy users in the government, health, education, commercial and industrial sectors. Our strategic approach in the sale process highlighted the firm's substantial achievements, culminating in a successful and strategic acquisition.

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the situation

The client came to Exit Advisory Group on the recommendation of a trusted advisor, facing a unique set of challenges and opportunities. They were interested in freeing up some of their invested capital while remaining deeply committed to the business's future success.

Recognising the potential for further growth, the client was open to various strategic options. This included selling the entire business or a majority stake, with the possibility of staying involved to help guide the company through its next growth phase. Their dual focus was on realising some financial rewards for their hard work to date, and on contributing to the business's ongoing journey and expansion.


To help our client achieve their goals, Exit Advisory Group crafted a strategy to capitalise on their investment while still nurturing the company's potential for growth. The search for the right buyer was comprehensive, drawing interest from a diverse range of sectors including large professional services firms, energy companies, commercial property groups, engineering firms, and private equity firms. This wide interest underscored the company’s strong market position and the potential for further expansion in the energy efficiency and renewable solutions sector.

The culmination of this strategic process was a transaction valued at $21M, with the client successfully selling a portion of the business for approximately $12.4M. This outcome not only met the initial objective of freeing up capital but also ensured that the client found a partner with a shared vision for the future. The chosen acquirer stood out due to their strong alignment with our client’s core values and focus on investment, alongside complementary businesses that promised to enhance the future ecosystem of energy solutions.

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Achieving optimal outcomes in strategic transactions requires a keen understanding of market dynamics and the ability to identify synergistic opportunities. At Exit Advisory Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to extract the maximum value out of your business and leverage your strategic advantage to get the highest price. We are excited to see what’s next for this energy business and how it will continue to make a positive impact in the renewable energy sector.



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