Case Studies

Our case studies highlight real-life success stories of clients that have engaged Exit Advisory Group to help maximise business

value and sell their company. Explore below and get a glimpse into the results we have delivered.

SaaS Business Case Study


From an Initial $3M Offer to Closing a Strategic Deal at $15.5M

Exit Advisory Group spearheaded a strategic sale for a software provider in the motor vehicle industry, with nearly four decades of innovation in dealership support systems. Our targeted approach attracted significant interest leading to a $15.5M deal offer.

7-Figure Sale Case Study


A Successful Acquisition of an Electrical Infrastructure Company

Exit Advisory Group facilitated a swift and successful business sale for our client achieving deal closure in just over 90 days. Our collaborative approach and extensive buyer database generated widespread interest, resulting in a competitive sale process.

BrandMatters Case Study


BrandMatters Sells Business to Vision-Aligned Acquirer

BrandMatters, a Sydney-based boutique market research and brand agency, sought to initiate a sale. Recognising the need for expert guidance, BrandMatters engaged Exit Advisory Group to find the right buyer. The outcome was a successful sale with an acquirer who shared their vision and values.

Brooks Case Study


Facilitating Future Success: Exit Advisory Group’s Role in Brooks Australia's Strategic Acquisition

Brooks, the leading supplier of fire detection products to the residential and commercial sectors in Australia and New Zealand, was acquired by Ei Electronics. Exit Advisory Group served as the lead business advisor for this successful sale, providing a valuation report and recommendations that led to a significant increase in value. Case Study

SOFTWARE (SaaS) | RENEWABLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS’s Acquisition by Bentley Acceleration Initiatives Takes Environmental IoT to the Global Stage appointed Exit Advisory Group to manage the sale of their growing IoT platform. After receiving offers from potential buyers that did not meet their goals, they sought our expertise to conduct a robust process. Our focus on the needs of stakeholders led to a successful sale that was completed within nine months of engagement.

Energy360 Case Study


Energy360 Successfully Acquired by AGL—One of Australia’s Largest Energy Providers

Energy360, a biogas systems provider in Australia, was acquired by AGL. The joint venture aligned with AGL's strategy to cater for the growing demand in the bioenergy industry. This acquisition was positioned to enhance AGL's sustainable business solutions and contribute to a zero-carbon future.

Australian Energy Business Case Study


The Strategic Sale of an Australian Energy Business

Exit Advisory Group guided the sale of a dynamic and rapidly growing Australian Energy Efficiency Specialist. This company has delivered innovative energy solutions to large energy users in the government, health, education, commercial and industrial sectors. Our strategic approach in the sale process highlighted the firm's substantial achievements, culminating in a successful acquisition.

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What Clients Say About Us

Paul Nelson

Simon Bedard and the Exit Advisory Group team did a brilliant job assisting me in the sale of my consulting business. I couldn't be happier with the result, delivered through their depth of understanding, and complete professionalism throughout.

Samantha Lamond


We worked closely with Mark Levitt, a Principal Advisor at Exit Advisory Group. He was fantastic and really took the time to understand our business. We couldn't have done it without him. Exit Advisory Group has an efficient process and was able to put our business in front of very targeted strategic acquirers. Their team provided an extremely professional approach and genuine care for their clients. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to exit their business.

Emily Heeley

Emily Heeley


Exit Advisory Group are true professionals when it comes to guiding people on how to get ready for a business sale. Their advice and support were instrumental throughout the different stages of our business journey. From our business valuation to exit, we felt we were in very capable hands. We will definitely use them again for our next business venture.

Whether you want to sell your business now or grow to a desired valuation, let our expert game plan guide you to success.

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