The ultimate freedom is to own a business that's valuable and saleable


Your company is probably your largest asset. Will you be able to unlock the value you have created?


of family businesses plan to transfer ownership in the next 5 years


do not have an exit plan


Only 34% of businesses are selling when taken to market

The Problem

When you are running a business life gets busy.

Planning for the future can be put on the back burner because meeting the next payroll or landing the next big client seems more urgent.

Unfortunately, when many entrepreneurs decide to exit, they are ill prepared. Though there are plenty of resources to help owners start and grow a business, there's very little around getting 'out'.

Most people are surprised to discover that their business is not worth what they thought because it hasn't been structured to create exit value.

The Solution

Your business exit is when you finally get rewarded for all the hard work you’ve put in.

We put business owners in control of their future by helping them develop a targeted exit plan and giving them clarity on what drives the value of their company.

Growing your business in a way that makes it valuable and saleable gives you options. It means you can scale, get an investor on board, sell the business, hand the reins to the next generation or stay on as the Chairman and step out of the day-to-day.

When you have exit options like those, you have freedom.

Every entrepreneur will exit. It's one of the few absolute certainties in business.

Who We Help

We work with entrepreneurs who have been in business for a few years and are looking at the next steps.

  • You may simply want to know how much your business is worth because you are thinking of selling.
  • You may be considering a partnership buyout, management buyout or a capital raise.
  • You may want to step out of the day-to-day and hand the reins to management.
  • You may have a specific valuation in mind for your business and you need a game plan to achieve it.
  • You may want to get your business 'exit ready' so you can transition out at any point in time, for maximum value.

A business exit can change your life, it can be the goal line to financial freedom.

How We Help

Discover what your business is worth

Knowing what your business is worth is the first step in unlocking the value. Understanding where you are now will help you achieve your desired goal.

Understand your exit options

There are many ways to exit a business. We'll help you choose the option that matches your business, lifestyle and personal goals.

Increase the value of your business

Whether you want to exit in a specific time frame or reach a desired valuation. We'll give you a game plan to maximise company value and achieve your goals.

Sell your business

If your desired exit option is to sell, we are a licensed business broker and can take you to market. Find out how we do things differently to most other brokers to get the best results.

Take the first step to understand the value of your business    

Benchmark Your Business Against The Key Drivers of Value

After analysing more than 45,000 businesses we know exactly what drives company value. Our proprietary bench-marking tool rates your business against the key factors that acquirers pay a premium for. We've found that companies with a value score of over 80 received offers that are 71% higher than the average business.

Exit Advisory

Access Your Complimentary Business Value Scorecard

Get access to our bench-marking tool and run your first assessment at no cost to you. You'll also receive your Business Value Scorecard and a complimentary 27-page report. This is a great starting point to understand where you are now and where you need to be.

  • Understand how attractive your business is to a buyer
  • Discover what's driving up the value of your business and what could be dragging it down
  • Make your business more attractive than your industry peers

Value Builder Assessment

Your Business Value Scorecard

27-page report outlining how you can improve your businesses value

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Discover What Your Business is Worth and How to Maximise Value

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