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Most brokers have it wrong

That's why only 30% of businesses that go to market sell.

But we do things differently.

Our unique 'Exit Ready Audit' sets you up for success.

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Whether you want to exit now, or just understand your options.

Here's the kind of information we'll cover on the call

1. What's important to you when exiting your business

We'll explore your goals and learn more about your business.

2. What drives the value of your company

We'll discuss the Core Drivers of Value and factors that will impact your company valuation.


We'll give you feedback on recent market movements, relevant sales and industry trends that may impact your exit strategy.


Review potential exit strategies that factor in your personal objectives, timeline and the structure of the business.

The BIG shift ...

It’s no secret that the business landscape is changing. The baby boomers are retiring and we are about to see more businesses on the market than ever before. If you are thinking about your exit, now is the time to get yourself “exit ready” and be prepared.

Whether you plan to sell in a few months…. or a few years, having a complimentary chat with one of our Professional Advisors may be the single most important thing you do to reward yourself as a business owner.

  • Discover OPTIONS you may never have known about to preserve and create more wealth
  • Understand what will MAXIMISE financial YIELD
  • Find out what will MINIMISE financial RISK.
  • Learn how to create VALUE and unlock WEALTH in your business

What others are saying about us:

Dan Remon

We had a fairly complex situation that required someone with the experience and qualifications to come up with the right strategy. Exit Advisory Group achieved an EBIT multiple beyond our expectations by devising a unique solution that unlocked additional value in our company.

DAN REMON  //  CEO, Fitcorp Global Group

DE George

We were looking to sell our business and retire but didn’t know where to start. Exit Advisory Group provided us with a good understanding of how the business sales process works, defined a clear strategy that was tailored to our business, and developed an action plan that delivered results.

DENISE GEORGE  //  Event Management Services

As a business owner, you can always spot other business owners that really know what they are doing. This is why I enjoy working with Simon at Exit Advisory Group. He is one of the best professional advisors I have met, and his understanding of what drives business value is second to none. If you want to sell your business one day, and maximise company value, Simon is the person to speak to.

LORRAINE GNANADICKAM  //  Founder, Food Street

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