Ever asked yourself any of these questions?

"Will my business survive if I take some time off?"

"Will I ever be able to step back from the day to day?"

"What's my business worth? Will I be able to 'cash out' when I'm ready?"

"What are the next steps?"

You're not alone.

It's a tough gig being at the helm of your business. You're juggling cash flow, sales, staff and customers. You have to make all the difficult decisions and it can be lonely, even with a team around you.

When you are stuck in the day-to-day, it's hard mapping out the future.

Every business owner knows they will eventually exit, whether it's around the corner or 5-10 years down the track. 

What will that look like? Will you sell? Can you hand the business to management? Are you preparing the next generation to take over?

You've invested in building your business to where it is today. Now it's time to get clear on your end-game and build for your future. Achieve the freedom you deserve and unlock the wealth you have created in your business.

We know that there are a variety of ways people choose to exit their business.

If you have a vision,
We have a way to get you there.

How to sell a business for the highest value

"I want to sell my business for the highest possible value."

Selling your business to the management

"I want to step out of the day to day and let management take over."

Business Valuation Methods

"I'm aiming for a certain business valuation, then I'll sell."

How to build a successful business exit

"I want to build my business in the right way so I have options down the track."

How to maximise business value

"I want to be out in the next few years and need to maximise value before I get there."

Management buyout process

"I want to help my management team buy-out the business."

Business Transition Process

"I want to transition the business to my kids and give them the best chance of success."

Selling a business

"I want to design my business to fit with my lifestyle goals."

If you are a business owner looking at the next stage let's start a conversation. 

We’ll help you get clear on your end game and build an exit strategy to get there.

If selling is part of that exit plan, we can take your business to market and complete the business sale, helping you every step of the way.

Build a business you can sell

One that gives you wealth, freedom and succession options.

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What Others Are Saying

Martin Meredith

Martin Meredith

Chairman, NRL Wheelchair

I asked Simon to join the Board of NRL Wheelchair because of his strong credentials and passion to positively impact society. Simon has led the initiative to develop our strategic planning and his deep understanding of how to build value in an organisation is an ongoing asset to our Board.

Michael Axe

Michael Axe

Pitline Water Management

Exit Advisory Group helped us identify our key buyer profiles and developed an exit readiness program that we rolled out over 3 months. The improvements we made led to a higher valuation and faster sales process.”

Nate Godfrey

Nate Godfrey

CEO, Canterbury Rugby Union

Simon is a strategic thinker who can also apply or execute a plan at the 'coal-face' and that is a rare skill. He was able to articulate the key drivers in our business, and how best to extract maximum commercial value.