5 Ways Robotic Process Automation Will Save Your Business


If you’re worried about COVID-19’s effects on your business, it’s time to think about Robotic Process Automation

With remote working now the norm for the majority of employees, businesses are coming up against significant challenges in maintaining services, supply routes and distribution of goods.

This is because, while working from home is possible for most, it does take a toll on connectivity, security, and yes, productivity. So how can you avoid significant business disruptions while still maintaining safe social distance practices?

Bring in the robots.

Robotic Process Automation can be used to automate operations

Robot Process Automation (RPA) is a software that uses artificial intelligence to do basic tasks. The goal is to reduce the administrative burden of employees. Essentially, it takes over the rule-based processes or time-consuming tasks normally allocated to a human worker.

This automation allows employees to hand off data entry to the robots. Then they can shift their focus more to scalable strategies.

Now, in the time of COVID-19, we are seeing the true value of Robotic Process Automation. Early adopters are having an easier time navigating the challenges of remote work by being able to rely on automation to ensure their business processes remain business as usual.

Schools have automated their class schedules and materials distribution. The public sector is using it for resource allocation to pinpoint those who need relief funds most. And healthcare workers are using RPA to track the spread of coronavirus in patients around the world.

How RPA is changing our workplaces

While many people are apprehensive of adopting automation in the face of mass layoffs, there is a strong case to be made that artificial intelligence is here to augment our work, not take it over. Here are five benefits of adopting Robotic Process Automation during COVID-19.

1) Do more, with less

With RPA, you’ll be able to automate a variety of data-centric tasks. Things like cleaning, segmenting or inputting data into marketing or sales spreadsheets can all be done by automation. Not only does this reduce the hours it would take an employee to do it, but it also frees up that employee’s time. This allows them to then be able to critically analyze the data for strategic opportunities.

2) Mitigate risks

If a component of your workplace crucially relies on data privacy regulations, sometimes it is impossible to allow remote employees to undertake this kind of work on unsecured servers. RPA can automate a huge amount of sensitive administrative tasks, capturing the relevant information, as well as interpreting it, and performing the necessary tasks. This is perfect for when you need a job done swiftly, accurately, and most of all, securely.

3) Compensate for loss of productivity

Working from home has caused a global disruption to the way businesses function. While it’s possible, distractions are numerous – especially if you have young children, puppies, or other reliable dependants. While everyone is trying to adapt to this change, RPA can step in as the bridge. Let it support your business processes during the adjustment phase. Automation can handle your business’ routine tasks like replying to basic email requests, syncing up data, and forwarding requests.

4) Increase your customer base

If you work in the customer service industry, RPA will revolutionize your business – regardless of COVID-19. Savvy business leaders have deployed robots to fill out forms, pull demographic data from news publications or competitor websites, as well as process basic service requests. This allows your team to take over more analytical or creative tasks. With less time undertaking tedious work, they’ll be able to bolster your business’ lead generation or customer retention strategies.

5) Cut costs

Arguably this is one of the biggest benefits of adopting RPA during COVID-19, considering how many businesses are facing uncertain financial futures. Robotic Process Automation can cut costs by taking over dull, front and back-end office duties and managing those workloads quickly and efficiently, 24 hours a day. This frees up your human employees to do what they do best: adapt to the situation. With full brain power dedicated to overcoming COVID-19 challenges, your business will devise a creative solution or pivot required to come out of this pandemic on stable footing.

In this time of digital transformation, RPA will fundamentally change how we work. By taking the brunt of administrative business tasks, it will streamline your efficiencies, save you money, unleash the potential of your employees, and could be the difference between surviving COVID-19, or shutting your doors.

Are you ready to let Robotic Process Automation change the way your business operates?

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